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What's in the Series Reminder Newsletter?

What's in the newsletter?

The primary focus of the newsletter is to communicate new features, encourage use of the site, and solicit feedback about what you like, and don't like, about Series Reminder. From time to time I will send surveys or polls to help shape the future development of the site. I am always building new features and working on the site, and I want to spend time on the things that most people want.

What frequency?

My intention is to send one or two emails a month depending on what's going on.

What's not in the newsletter?

Advertising, recommendations for other series, or affiliate marketing.

What do we do with your email address?

We do not sell or use your email address for anything other than sending you series notifications and newsletters.

How to unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from the Account Preferences link under the Account menu. Unsubscribing from the newsletter does not unsubscribe you from series notifications, they are two different settings.


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