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Receive notifications on any Discord text channel

Discord's built in webhooks are an easy way to receive notifications when new episodes of your favorite shows are airing on any network. The notification process uses the notification settings for each series and works the same as email or push notifications.

The setup process is simple. Create a new webhook on any Discord Text Channel, copy the webhook URL, and paste in into Discord Configuration.

Create a New Text Channel

Click the plus sign to the right of the Text Channel header to create a new text channel.

Create new text channel part 1

In the Channel Type section make sure Text is selected, and then enter a channel name.

Create new text channel part 2

Step 2: Turn on Webhooks

Click the gear icon next to your text channel to open the Edit Channel dialog

Edit text channel part 1

Click on Integrations, then click the Create Web Hook button.

Edit text channel part 2

The new webhook will be automatically be named Captain Hook. Click on the arrow to open the section and click the button to "Copy Webhook URL"

Edit text channel part 2

On the Series Reminder Discord Configuration paste he URL into the box and save.


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