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Series Reminder Notification Types

Series Reminder offers three types of notifications to its users.

Series Reminder is an online platform that is designed to keep track of your favorite streaming and TV shows and sends you alerts when new episodes are released. You can easily add shows to your favorites list and configure the notification preferences for each series individually. Notifications are sent early in the morning on the day the episode(s) drop, so when you wake up your inbox will contain some excitement. Some shows I want to know every time an episode airs, and others I just want to know when the final episode of the series drops so I can binge watch the series.

First Episode

The first type is the "First Episode" notification, which alerts users to new season premiers. It will only send a notification when the first episode of a new season airs, and no others. This notification is useful if you want to start watching as soon as a new season drops.

All Episodes

The second type is the "All Episodes" notification, which lets you know about every new episode of a particular series. Not all series drop new episodes on a regular schedule like network TV. Sometimes, episodes only drop once a month, or every couple of weeks. Shows that air through the holidays often take a mid-season break. I like this setting because I don't have to think about when they drop, I can just wait for the notification and tune in.

Last Episode

The third type is the "Last Episode" notification, which only notifies you when the season finally airs. It will not send notifications for any other episodes. Some shows I want to binge watch, and I only want to subscribe to the service when they are all available. I like this option especially for network TV where it might take 3 months for all of the episodes to drop.

How many notifications are sent?

If more than one series triggers a notification on a particular day, you will receive one notification for each series based on the individual settings for that series. When multiple episodes of a series drop on the same day only a single reminder is sent, for each series, which contains information about all the episodes that dropped on that day. Similarly, overlapping notification types will only send a single email per series. For example, if you have First Episode and All Episodes selected, only one notification will be sent for the season premier.

How are notifications delivered?

  • Email

  • Mobile Push notifications with Pushover (Read More)

  • Personal RSS News Feed (Read More)


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