Personal iCal Feed

How it works

When you enable the iCal Calendar Feed feature on your Account Preferences page, Series Reminder will provide you with a URL that will be used to setup your calendar service. This URL tells your calendar service how to get your personal calendar feed from Series Reminder.

When generating your calendar feed, Series Reminder considers all episodes that are +/- one month from today based on the individual settings for each series. For example; if you have "First Episode" selected for a particular series, only the season premier will appear in your calendar feed. For a different series, if you have "All Episodes" selected, then all episode in the time window for that series will appear in your calendar feed.

Calendar Updates

To keep your calendar updated with the most recent episodes, you will need to turn on the automatic synchronization feature in the calendar service you are using. This will tell your calendar service to automatically contact Series Reminder every so often to get the newest episode information. The setup for each calendar service is slightly different, and most services are fairly intuitive.

Please, contact me if you have any difficulties setting up. When setting the sync duration, please do not set it to less than 12 hours as it can be very abusive of server resources.

Google users, please note that automatic syncing is not turned on by default. You will need to follow step 3 below to turn on automatic calendar syncing.

Supported Calendars

Series Reminder uses the ICAL specification released on Any calendar system that supports the ICAL format will work with Series Reminder. All of the major calendar services (Apple, Google, and Microsoft Outlook) support this format.

Premium Subscription Required

Due to the server resources needed to provide calendar feeds, this feature requires a premium subscription.

Setup Google Calendar Sync

  1. Copy the your personal iCal Feed URL from your Account Preferences page into your clipboard.
  2. Go to your Google Calendar and click the Settings gear, open the Add Calendar dropdown, and click "From URL". Or you can click
  3. You must also turn on the sync feature at the following URL:
    Note: Without doing this step automatic syncing will not work


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