Track your TV watching history

Watched TV Tracking Features

You can track all the episodes you watched for any series! The number of episodes you can track is unlimited as long as you have the series in your favorites list. Premium users can have unlimited favorites and unlimited tracking! Removing a series from your favorites list will also delete any episodes tracked and remove all notification preferences.

Advantages of Tracking

  • Unwatched Networks: Easily see which networks have the most unwatched content to help you decide which network to subscribe to next.
  • Calendar Filtering: Filter watched episodes from your dashboard, daily and monthly calendars. When you are looking for something to watch, hide the watched episodes, and simply scroll back in time through your dashboard and pick something you have not seen.
  • Network Subscriptions: Make better decisions about which networks to subscribe too based on which network has the most unwatched content you feel like watching right now.
  • Advanced Stats: See all kinds of fun stats about your TV watching across the years and decades on the Advanced Stats page!

Watched Percentage

On the series detail page, near the poster image is the watched percentage. It is simply the number of episodes you have marked watched divided by the total number of episodes known for the series. This calculation does not include Season 0 Specials but it does include episodes that do not have an aired date.

  • I'm Caught Up! This link is under the Watched %. It will mark the entire series as marked accept any episodes in the future or do not have an air date. This includes Special Episodes.
  • Individual Episodes: You can mark any episode as watched or unwatched by clicking the checkbox for that episode.
  • Series: At the bottom of the episode list, on the left side, are links to mark the entire series as watched or unwatched. When you mark a series watched, it will not mark any episode as marked that is in the future or does not have an aired date. When unmarking a season, it will unmark all episodes. This includes Special Episodes
  • Season: At the bottom of the episode list, on the right side, are links to mark the entire season as watched or unwatched. This is based on the season selected in the dropdown at the top of the episode list. Like marking a series, this will only marks episodes that have aired date in the past and will unmark all.

Other ways of tracking

  • Plex Integration: If you use a Plex media server you can setup Plex Scrobbling which will automatically mark episodes watched in Series Reminder when you have watched 70% of the video.
  • Data Import: You can bring your watched history from other services to Series Reminder by using the Data Import feature.


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