Advanced Watching Stats

Fun stats about your TV watching patterns

The more episodes you mark as watched the more fun this page becomes. Adjusting the start year and end year of the report can show you how your watching patterns have changed over time. If you can think of any fun stats to add to this page please contact me.

Start and End Years

By default the report will show you your entire viewing history from the year of your earliest favorite to now. For best results, add all the shows you can remember watching and enjoying. If you don't remember how much you watched, just mark the whole series watched. I think its pretty fun to see how the graphs change over the years. What was I watching in the 2000s, 2010, and 2020?

Time Spent Watching

The sum of all the minutes watched in the time frame given. This number made me smile when I saw it for all time. Broken down into total days (that's 24 hour days!), hours, and, minutes. How did that change over the years. Obviously during 2020 many of us have pretty high numbers. Do you?

Top 5 Watched Shows and Networks

Which networks do you actually watch the most? Having lots of favorites on a particular network might not justify paying for it if you don't actually watch them. See which networks got the most hours of watch time. Scrolling through time brought back so many memories of long running shows that I watched year after year.


All charts are adjusted for the time period selected.

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