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I want to make it as easy as possible to move your favorite shows and watched history from other services to Series Reminder. Please contact me if you would like me to add an additional service from which to import data.

Data imports are available to all users, however free users will not be able to exceed the maximum number of free favorites. Premium users can import an unlimited number of series. All watched episodes will be updated for any series that are in your favorites list.

Backup your Series Reminder Data First!

For premium users, I recommend taking a backup of your Series Reminder data before doing any imports. The import is only additive which helps to limit any problems. However, taking a backup first is good practice. If something happens in the import I will not be able to recover your data without a backup file. Backups can be found under the Tools menu here.

What is imported?

This depends on what is available in data set. Each site does a backup in their own format and provides different levels of detail in the data. For Series Reminder, the most important pieces of data are your favorite series and which episodes have been watched.

  • Favorite Series : Any series that can be found in The TVDB data can be imported and automatically added to your favorites list. The import will mark all new series added to your favorite list with the "All Episodes" notification type. If you already have the series in your favorites list, then no action will be taken.
  • Episodes Watched : Any valid episode that that is marked as watched will be marked in the data import will be marked as watched in Series Reminder. The import will not unmark any watched episodes based on the import data.

Which Services Are Supported

Please contact me if you would like me to add an additional service from which to import data.

Future Improvements

  • Ability to select which notification type you would like set for each new series.
  • I am working in adding Lists features to Series Reminder, once that is complete I will import lists in future data imports


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