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Plex Integration

What is Plex scrobbling?

Plex scrobbling refers to the automatic tracking and logging of any videos you watch on Plex. It allows you to keep a record of which episodes you watched and when. Once setup, the process is completely transparent. When you have watched 70% of a video, your Plex server will automatically update Series Reminder with the information about the episode you just watched.

This feature is only available to users with a premium subscription.

How it works?

Your Plex server generates all kinds of events as you are watching movies and TV Shows. The only events that Series Reminder listens for is the "plex.scrobble" event. When a "plex.scrobble" event is received by Series Reminder, it will automatically add the series to your favorites list and mark the individual episode as watched.

When adding a series to your favorites list, it does not automatically add a notification setting. You will have to come back and manually set that if you like. Only TV shows will be matched. Movies and other media that do not contain meta data information will not be tracked in Series Reminder.

How to setup

This feature is only available to Plex users that have an active Plex Pass account.

  1. Log into your Plex Account at
  2. In the top right menu, select Account Settings
  3. On the left hand side menu select Webhooks
  4. Click add Webhook
  5. Copy the Series Reminder Plex Webhook URL from your Account Preferences


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