Backup Your Series Reminder Data

How to backup your data?

Backing up your Series Reminder data is a premium feature only.

Creating a backup of your Series Reminder data is easy. Log into your account and under the Tools menu select Data Backup and then click the button with the format you desire. A file will download that includes the date of the backup in the filename.

Included in the backup

The backup is available in 2 formats, CSV and JSON. For each series in your favorites list the following information will be included in the backup.

  • The name and TVDB id for that series.
  • All 3 notification settings for that series.
  • The name and TVDB id for each episode in the series.
  • Season number and episode number for each episode. This includes Specials (Season 0)
  • Watched or unwatched setting for each episodes.

Backup before doing an import

Please take a backup of your Series Reminder data before doing an import from another service. If something goes wrong in the import I will not be able to recover your data unless you have a backup file.

Automatic Monthly Backups

Automatic monthly backups are not yet available. I am a one man show building this site and need to focus my energy on the features that most people are asking for. I do plan on eventually building some kind of automatic monthly backups to either a Google Drive or Email. If you would like this feature please contact me and let me know.


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