Personal RSS JSON Feed

Your personal RSS JSON feed will contain all new daily episodes based on the preferences you set on each individual series. It uses the same notification types as Email and includes the same data as your Personal RSS New Feed.

The main difference is, rather than formatting the data for RSS News Readers, I left the data in raw JSON format to allow for more custom integrations. I am really excited to hear about any creative ways you come up with to use the data, please let me know. Maybe I can build something to help out!

This feature is available to premium users only.

Available Fields

For now, I included just some basic fields in the JSON Feed. I am happy to add more fields or make the data structure more complex, please contact me and let me know what you are looking for.

        "aired": "2024-01-19",
        "dropType": "Season Finale",
        "seriesUrl": "",
        "seriesName": "Reacher",
        "seriesTvdbId": 366924,
        "networkName": "Prime Video",
        "seasonNumber": 2,
        "minEpisodeNumber": 8,
        "maxEpisodeNumber": 8,
        "episodes": "S2 E8",
        "status": "Continuing"


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