Personal RSS News Feeds

Your personal RSS News feed will contain all new daily episodes based on the preferences you set on each individual series. It uses the same notification types and in the same way Email and Pushover notifications do. If there are overlapping notifications for a single series, for example First Episode and All Episodes are checked, only one news event will be present in the stream. Each event will have some basic information about the episodes released as well as the air date and a link to the series page where you can update your preferences if you want.

By default RSS Feeds are turned off when new accounts are created. You can turn them on and find the URL for your personal RSS feed on your Account Profile page. Once you turn it on, it will show you your personal feed URL which can be used with just about any RSS reader. Series Reminder news feeds are RSS 2.0 compliant.

RSS Feeds are in beta release. I am not a very active RSS user so I am not sure of the best practices for making a good RSS feed post. I am actively soliciting feedback and suggestions on how to make these feeds better. Please let me know if you have any feedback.

Public Series Reminder RSS Feeds

These news feeds are free for anyone to use and should work in almost any RSS Reader. They are based on the episode air dates at a system level and are not impacted by your personal series selections.


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