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Season 8:
Ended on September 14, 2023
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Season: 8
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E1 Jun 15, 2023 Welcome to Pitt County
E2 Jun 22, 2023 Ready, Set, Nope!
E3 Jun 29, 2023 Welcome to Gen Pop
E4 Jul 06, 2023 You Can Die in a Place Like This
E5 Jul 13, 2023 Sheriff... We Have A Problem
E6 Jul 20, 2023 New Clown, Same Circus
E7 Jul 27, 2023 Mama Didn't Raise No Punk Bitch
E8 Aug 03, 2023 Pill Trades, Drug Raids
E9 Aug 10, 2023 One Pill Too Many
E10 Aug 17, 2023 To The Bitter End
E11 Aug 24, 2023 After the 60 Days: Part One
E12 Aug 31, 2023 After the 60 Days: Part Two
E13 Sep 07, 2023 The Aftermath: Part One
E14 Sep 14, 2023 The Aftermath: Part Two
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Series Overview:
60 Days In is a gripping reality TV show that takes viewers on an intense journey inside the walls of a prison. Season 8, which aired on A&E, continued to follow a group of brave volunteers as they went undercover as inmates to expose the harsh realities of life behind bars. Throughout the season, viewers witnessed the participants face numerous challenges, including violence, gang activity, and the constant struggle to maintain their cover. With each passing episode, tension and suspense escalated, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Season 8 ended on September 14, 2023, but fans can sign up for a reminder to catch the next thrilling installment.
2016 - 2023
Reality, Documentary, Crime
United States
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