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Season 10:
Ended on September 03, 2018
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Season: 10
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Sep 17, 2017 The Wild Hunt
E2 Sep 17, 2017 Always BMO Closing
E3 Sep 17, 2017 Son of Rap Bear
E4 Sep 17, 2017 Bonnibel Bubblegum
E5 Dec 17, 2017 Seventeen
E6 Dec 17, 2017 Ring of Fire
E7 Dec 17, 2017 Marcy & Hunson
E8 Dec 17, 2017 The First Investigation
E9 Mar 18, 2018 Blenanas
E10 Mar 18, 2018 Jake the Starchild
E11 Mar 18, 2018 Temple of Mars
E12 Mar 18, 2018 Gumbaldia
E13 Sep 03, 2018 Come Along With Me
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Series Overview:
Adventure Time, a popular animated television show on Cartoon Network, captured the hearts of viewers with its whimsical and imaginative storytelling. Set in the enchanting Land of Ooo, the series follows the thrilling escapades of Finn the Human and his magical dog companion, Jake the Dog. Together, they embark on epic quests, encountering colorful characters and battling evil forces that threaten their world. With its unique blend of humor, action, and emotional depth, Adventure Time appealed to both kids and adults alike. Sadly, the show has ended, leaving fans longing for more adventures. However, one can always sign up for a reminder, just in case this beloved series returns to our screens. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2010 - 2018
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Children, Animation, Adventure, Action
United States
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