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Season: 7
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Apr 02, 2024 Dropout America 3
E2 Apr 16, 2024 Have You Seen My Pa?
E3 Apr 30, 2024 You Can Be Kinky and Play Basketball
E4 May 14, 2024 Smooth as a Dolphin's Dick
E5 May 28, 2024 Daughters Love to Rustle and Tussle and Royal Rumble
E6 Jun 11, 2024 Queen Elizabeth Get Outta Here It's Snowing You Old Hag
E7 Jun 25, 2024 Sam Reich Launches Burning Sam
E8 Jul 09, 2024 Grant O'Brien Explains Dungeons and Dragons
E9 Jul 23, 2024 TBA
E10 Aug 06, 2024 TBA
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Series Overview:
Breaking News season 7 on Dropout is a rollercoaster of laughter, where comedians face the challenge of reading a teleprompter filled with news stories they've never seen before. The catch? These aren't ordinary news segments. Each story is more bizarre and hilarious than the last, pushing the comedians to keep their composure while delivering these ridiculous reports. With each episode, expect unexpected twists and a lot of improvisation. Whether it's reporting on a chicken that learned Morse code or a town electing a cat as mayor, this show packs in surprises and giggles. Season 7 is currently running—sign up for a reminder to catch all the fun! Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2018 - 2024
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