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Season 5:
Ended on October 14, 2007
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Season: 5
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Dec 15, 2005 Obsession: Dave Reichert and the Green River Killer
E2 Dec 22, 2005 Finding BTK
E3 Jan 14, 2006 Death of a Deacon/A Wife's Mission
E4 Jan 21, 2006 Snatched/A Detective's Promise
E5 Feb 04, 2006 The Sunday Morning Slasher
E6 Feb 11, 2006 Caught on Tape/A Son Remembers
E7 Feb 18, 2006 On the Case: Nacole's Killer
E8 Apr 02, 2006 Killer on Campus/Bow Hunter
E9 Apr 07, 2006 Something Snapped/A Killer's Dream
E10 May 06, 2006 Daddy Dearest/A Pastor's Wife
E11 Jun 03, 2006 A Killer's Skin / Where's Peggy?
E12 Jul 08, 2006 Innocence Stolen/Danger at the Door
E13 Jul 15, 2006 The Interrogation/The Slide
E14 Jul 29, 2006 The Taunt / Death in Deadwood
E15 Aug 12, 2006 A Child Remembers
E16 Sep 09, 2006 The Black Dahlia
E17 Sep 23, 2006 The Deadly Stroll / Unholy Secret
E18 Sep 30, 2006 A Deadly Affair / The Sting Operation
E19 Oct 07, 2006 NCIS / Exhuming the Truth
E20 Oct 21, 2006 Cross Country Connection / Eyes at the Window
E21 Oct 28, 2006 Abandoned Houses / A Son's Memory
E22 Nov 18, 2006 A Knock at the Door / Shattered
E23 Nov 18, 2006 A Deadly Pattern/A Desperate Housewife
E24 Dec 31, 2006 Murder He Wrote/Caught By the Past
E25 Dec 31, 2006 Left for Dead/On the Case
E26 Jul 26, 2007 The Execution of Michael Johnson
E27 Sep 20, 2007 Innocence Files
E28 Oct 14, 2007 Evidence Kit
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Series Overview:
"Cold Case Files," which aired on A&E starting in 1999, delves into the world of unsolved crimes that have puzzled detectives for years, sometimes even decades. Each episode unfolds like a mystery novel, showcasing the tireless efforts of investigators as they use new technology and old-fashioned detective work to crack these long-forgotten cases. Viewers are taken on a journey through twists and turns until the truth is finally uncovered. Though "Cold Case Files" has ended, its gripping stories and the quest for justice continue to captivate audiences. If you're intrigued by mysteries waiting to be solved, sign up for a reminder just in case it returns—you won't want to miss it! Generated by ChatGPT4.
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1999 - 2007
Documentary, Crime, Suspense
United States
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