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Season 16:
Ended on May 23, 2024
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Season: 16
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Jan 11, 2024 Yaaath Queen
E2 Jan 18, 2024 Fs Get Defgrees
E3 Jan 25, 2024 I Wanda'd In
E4 Feb 01, 2024 A Sea of Effluvia
E5 Feb 08, 2024 Can I Offer You a Nice Shrimp in This Trying Time?
E6 Feb 15, 2024 You Are the Chosen None
E7 Feb 22, 2024 A Negroni and a Bowl of Spinach
E8 Feb 29, 2024 I See Your Butt Plug and I Raise You a Fist
E9 Mar 07, 2024 Emo People Meet at Panera
E10 Mar 14, 2024 Cool Ranch Communion
E11 Mar 21, 2024 Chutes and Ladders
E12 Mar 28, 2024 Big Clue Energy
E13 Apr 04, 2024 All Pulp, No Juice
E14 Apr 11, 2024 We're Running on 200%
E15 Apr 18, 2024 Nighttime Ecstasy
E16 Apr 25, 2024 Honor the Cock
E17 May 02, 2024 Five Years in the Making
E18 May 09, 2024 Blimey
E19 May 16, 2024 Only Cowgirls Get the Blues
E20 May 23, 2024 Gotta Wrap It Up
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Series Overview:
Dimension 20's Adventuring Party Season 16 is a thrilling ride into the world of fantasy and adventure, exclusively available on Dropout. This season, our beloved characters embark on an epic journey filled with dangerous quests, mysterious lands, and unpredictable magic that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The storytelling is masterful, blending humor with heart-pounding action in a way that both new and longtime fans can appreciate. With Brennan Lee Mulligan at the helm as Dungeon Master, expect ingenious plots and unforgettable characters. Season 16 ended on May 23, 2024—sign up for a reminder to catch all the magical moments without missing out! Generated by ChatGPT4.
2020 - 2024
Documentary, Comedy, Talk Show, Podcast
United States
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