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Season 3:
Ended on October 18, 2022
Season 3 Air Dates
E1 May 01, 2022 Gamer vs. Gamer
E2 May 08, 2022 Clothes and Dagger
E3 May 15, 2022 (Work) Marriage Story
E4 May 22, 2022 Plumbdog Millionaire
E5 Jun 05, 2022 Annie v. Fun
E6 Jun 05, 2022 Throw Momma from the Brain
E7 Jun 12, 2022 Dead Stan Walking
E8 Jun 12, 2022 She Snoops, She Scores!
E9 Jun 19, 2022 Born to Run (A Small Business)
E10 Jun 26, 2022 Moneyballs
E11 Oct 18, 2022 The Young and the Bexless
E12 Oct 18, 2022 Witch Day 3
E13 Oct 18, 2022 The Dudliest Catch
E14 Oct 18, 2022 The Pursuit of Daddyness
E15 Oct 18, 2022 The Sharent Trap
E16 Oct 18, 2022 Ditch Mitch or Die Tryin'
Season Summaries:
  3 Seasons
39 Episodes
2020 - 2022
Season 3
16 Episodes
May 01, 2022 - Oct 18, 2022
Season 2
12 Episodes
May 23, 2021 - Aug 30, 2021
Season 1
11 Episodes
Feb 16, 2020 - May 17, 2020
Series Overview:
Duncanville, a captivating animated TV show available on Hulu, revolves around the life of a quirky teenager named Duncan Harris. Set in the fictional town of Duncanville, the series follows Duncan as he navigates the challenges and adventures of high school, family, and friends. With its clever humor and relatable characters, Duncanville offers an entertaining blend of comedy, drama, and slice-of-life storytelling. As each episode unfolds, viewers are drawn into Duncan's world, where he often finds himself in hilarious and unexpected situations. Although the first season has ended, fans can sign up for a reminder just in case the show returns, ensuring they don't miss out on any future escapades.
Comedy, Animation, Anime
United States
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