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Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives

Season 2:
Ended on September 02, 2022
Season 2 Air Dates
E1 Sep 02, 2022 Love, Life and Menopause
E2 Sep 02, 2022 Bollywood Friends Forever
E3 Sep 02, 2022 Heard It on the Grapevine!
E4 Sep 02, 2022 Men Are From Mars...
E5 Sep 02, 2022 Friends, Family and Other Animals
E6 Sep 02, 2022 Wild Things
E7 Sep 02, 2022 Face Lifts & FacePalms
E8 Sep 02, 2022 Objects of Desire are Closer than they Appear
Season Summaries:
  2 Seasons
16 Episodes
2020 - 2022
Season 2
8 Episodes
Sep 02, 2022 - Sep 02, 2022
Season 1
8 Episodes
Nov 27, 2020 - Nov 27, 2020
Series Overview:
The TV show "Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives" is an entertaining and glamorous reality series that gives viewers a peek into the lives of four influential women from the Bollywood industry. Season 2, which aired on Netflix, continued to showcase the luxurious lifestyles, personal struggles, and intricate relationships of these Bollywood wives. From their extravagant parties to their high-profile social circles, the show offers a captivating glimpse into the glitz and glamour of the Indian film industry. Season 2 ended on September 02, 2022, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next installment. Don't miss out on the drama and excitement; sign up for a reminder to catch the next season!
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