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Final Space

Adult Swim
Season 3:
Ended on June 14, 2021
Season 3 Air Dates
E1 Mar 20, 2021 ...And Into The Fire
E2 Mar 27, 2021 The Hidden Light
E3 Apr 03, 2021 The Ventrexian
E4 Apr 10, 2021 One of Us
E5 Apr 17, 2021 All The Moments Lost
E6 Apr 24, 2021 Change is Gonna Come
E7 May 01, 2021 The Chamber of Doubt
E8 May 08, 2021 Forgiveness
E9 May 15, 2021 Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge Rising
E10 May 22, 2021 Until the Sky Falls
E11 May 29, 2021 The Dead Speak
E12 Jun 07, 2021 The Leaving
E13 Jun 14, 2021 The Devil's Den
Season Summaries:
  3 Seasons
36 Episodes
2018 - 2021
Season 3
13 Episodes
Mar 20, 2021 - Jun 14, 2021
Season 2
13 Episodes
Jun 24, 2019 - Sep 23, 2019
Season 1
10 Episodes
Feb 26, 2018 - May 07, 2018
Series Overview:
Final Space, a captivating animated series that aired on Adult Swim, has enthralled audiences with its thrilling sci-fi adventures. This action-packed show follows the misadventures of Gary, a charismatic yet eccentric astronaut, and his adorable alien sidekick, Mooncake. Together, they embark on a perilous journey through the vastness of space, encountering formidable enemies and forming unexpected alliances. With its stunning animation, witty humor, and heartfelt moments, Final Space has left viewers on the edge of their seats season after season. Although the series has ended, fans can sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, ensuring they won't miss a moment of this extraordinary intergalactic saga.
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Animation, Adventure, Action
United States
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