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Season 1:
Ended on February 02, 2024
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Season: 1
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Jan 19, 2024 Overture
E2 Jan 19, 2024 Radio Killed the Video Star
E3 Jan 19, 2024 Scrambled Eggs
E4 Jan 19, 2024 Masquerade
E5 Jan 26, 2024 Dad Beat Dad
E6 Jan 26, 2024 Welcome to Heaven
E7 Feb 02, 2024 Hello Rosie!
E8 Feb 02, 2024 The Show Must Go On
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Series Overview:
Hazbin Hotel season 1, available on Prime Video, is a captivating and imaginative animated series that takes viewers on a wild and wicked journey. Set in Hell, the show follows the charismatic and sassy demon named Charlie, who opens a hotel to rehabilitate and redeem sinners. With vibrant animation, witty dialogue, and a unique blend of humor and darkness, Hazbin Hotel season 1 introduces us to a diverse cast of characters, each with their own demons to confront. As the season progresses, we witness the hotel's chaotic attempts to save souls and navigate the unpredictable underworld. Season 1 ended on February 02, 2024, so don't forget to sign up for a reminder to catch the thrilling continuation! Generated by ChatGPT4.
Prime Video
2024 - 2024
Horror, Fantasy, Drama, Crime, Comedy, Animation, Musical
United States
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