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Season 32:
Ended on March 24, 2019
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Season: 32
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Feb 10, 2019 Electrophoretic Displays; Dry Erase Boards; Air Rifles; Quartz Countertops
E2 Feb 17, 2019 Custom Shoe Trees; Clay Targets; Squeeze Chutes; Composite Boat Propellers
E3 Feb 17, 2019 Orthodontic Retainers; Orange Juice; Retractable Saunas; Sawmill Blade Knives
E4 Feb 24, 2019 Table Tennis Tables; Plastic Model Kits; Light Microscopes
E5 Feb 24, 2019 Hand Forged Hammers; Gummy Vitamins; Boat Trailers; Tea Lights & Jar Candles
E6 Mar 03, 2019 Guitar Pickups; Heated Furniture; Water Well Cylinders; Nonconductive Tools
E7 Mar 03, 2019 Innerspring Mattresses; Stand-Up Paddle Boards; Vacuum Cleaners
E8 Mar 10, 2019 Belts; 3D Metal Printers; Detectable Warning Panels; Model Stirling Engines
E9 Mar 10, 2019 Compression & Extension Springs; Micro Drill Bits; Skiffs; Painted Glass Backsplashes
E10 Mar 17, 2019 Fencing Masks; Books; Ocean Drone Transformers; 3D Puzzles
E11 Mar 17, 2019 Tin Whistles; Horn Products; Formula F Race Cars
E12 Mar 24, 2019 Motorcycle Goggles; Handbuilt Jukeboxes; Vacuum Excavators; Pewter Shaving Sets
E13 Mar 24, 2019 Peaked Caps; Custom Water Heaters; Electric Boats; Fencing Foils
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Series Overview:
How It's Made, a captivating television show aired on the Science Channel, offers viewers an intriguing glimpse into the manufacturing processes behind everyday objects. From pencils and chocolate bars to cars and airplanes, this educational series explores the intricate steps involved in creating these items. Each episode takes us on a mesmerizing journey through factories and workshops, revealing the precise machinery, innovative techniques, and skilled craftsmanship required to bring these products to life. With its clear and concise narration, accompanied by detailed visuals, How It's Made provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the world of manufacturing. Though the show has ended, be sure to sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, as it never fails to leave viewers in awe of the remarkable processes that shape our modern world. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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