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Season 6:
Ended on May 14, 2020
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Season: 6
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Sep 26, 2019 Say Goodbye
E2 Oct 03, 2019 Vivian's Here
E3 Oct 10, 2019 Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?
E4 Oct 17, 2019 I Hate the World
E5 Oct 24, 2019 We're All Gonna Die
E6 Oct 31, 2019 Family Sucks
E7 Nov 07, 2019 I'm the Murderer
E8 Nov 14, 2019 I Want to Be Free
E9 Nov 21, 2019 Are You the Mole?
E10 Apr 02, 2020 We're Not Getting Away With It
E11 Apr 09, 2020 The Reckoning
E12 Apr 16, 2020 Let's Hurt Him
E13 Apr 30, 2020 What If Sam Wasn't the Bad Guy This Whole Time?
E14 May 07, 2020 Annalise Keating Is Dead
E15 May 14, 2020 Stay
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Series Overview:
How to Get Away with Murder, a thrilling television series aired on ABC (US), captivated audiences with its intense plot and complex characters. The show centered around Annalise Keating, a brilliant law professor and criminal defense attorney, and her group of ambitious law students who become entangled in a web of murder, deceit, and secrets. Each episode was a rollercoaster ride of suspense, as the students navigated the legal system while trying to cover up their own crimes. With its gripping storyline and shocking twists, How to Get Away with Murder kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately, the show has ended, but fans can sign up for a reminder just in case it returns. Generated by ChatGPT4.
2014 - 2020
Drama, Crime, Suspense
United States
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