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Inside Job

Season 1:
Ended on November 18, 2022
Season 1 Air Dates
E1 Oct 22, 2021 Unpresidented
E2 Oct 22, 2021 Clone Gunman
E3 Oct 22, 2021 Blue Bloods
E4 Oct 22, 2021 Sex Machina
E5 Oct 22, 2021 The Brettfast Club
E6 Oct 22, 2021 My Big Flat Earth Wedding
E7 Oct 22, 2021 Ghost Protocol
E8 Oct 22, 2021 Buzzkill
E9 Oct 22, 2021 Mole Hunt
E10 Oct 22, 2021 Inside Reagan
E11 Nov 18, 2022 How Reagan Got Her Grove Back
E12 Nov 18, 2022 Whoas-Feratu
E13 Nov 18, 2022 Reagan & Mychelle's Hive School Reunion
E14 Nov 18, 2022 We Found Love in a Popeless Place
E15 Nov 18, 2022 Brettwork
E16 Nov 18, 2022 Rontagion
E17 Nov 18, 2022 Project Reboot
E18 Nov 18, 2022 Appleton
Season Summaries:
  1 Seasons
18 Episodes
2021 - 2022
Season 1
18 Episodes
Oct 22, 2021 - Nov 18, 2022
Series Overview:
Inside Job is a captivating TV show available on Netflix that delves into the mysterious world of conspiracy theories. This thrilling series, suitable for 10th graders and beyond, explores various historical events and popular beliefs, shedding light on the hidden agendas and secret manipulations that occurred behind the scenes. Each episode unravels a different conspiracy theory, providing thought-provoking insights and challenging the official narratives. From the moon landing to the assassination of JFK, Inside Job takes viewers on a mind-bending journey, questioning what we think we know. Unfortunately, the series has ended, but sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, as it is sure to leave you craving more.
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Animation
United States
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