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Season 5:
Ended on June 07, 2024
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Season: 5
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Sep 15, 2023 Born That Way
E2 Sep 22, 2023 Street Lies and P.I.'s
E3 Sep 29, 2023 The 40k Felon
E4 Oct 06, 2023 Dark Side Of The Spoon
E5 Oct 13, 2023 Rome's Not Where The Heart Is
E6 Oct 20, 2023 Unhappy Father's Day
E7 Oct 27, 2023 Seeing Redd
E8 Nov 03, 2023 Here Comes the Lie
E9 Nov 10, 2023 Escaping with Joy
E10 Nov 17, 2023 Running from Love
E11 Nov 24, 2023 The Reckoning
E12 Nov 24, 2023 Onion of Lies
E13 Dec 01, 2023 Life After Lockup: Love Is A Powerful Drug
E14 Dec 08, 2023 Life After Lockup: Tick Tok
E15 Dec 15, 2023 Life After Lockup: Smells Like Bad Decisions
E16 Dec 22, 2023 Life After Lockup: Pizza Of My Heart
E17 Dec 29, 2023 Life After Lockup: Problems You Didn't Know You Had
E18 Jan 05, 2024 Life After Lockup: Deleted But Not Forgotten
E19 Jan 12, 2024 Life After Lockup: Moms Behaving Badly
E20 Jan 19, 2024 Life After Lockup: Shimmer Down
E21 Jan 26, 2024 Life After Lockup: Games of Chance
E22 Feb 02, 2024 Life After Lockup: Fighting Chance
E23 Apr 19, 2024 Love During Lockup: The Watcher & The Dancer
E24 Apr 26, 2024 Love During Lockup: Vegas or Bust
E25 May 04, 2024 Love During Lockup: Cut The Cameras
E26 May 10, 2024 Love During Lockup: Daughter-in-law or Mistress?
E27 May 17, 2024 Love During Lockup: Free Candice!
E28 May 24, 2024 Love During Lockup: The Mourning After
E29 May 31, 2024 Love During Lockup: Rescue Me from the Castle!
E30 Jun 07, 2024 Love During Lockup: Too Good To Let Go
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Series Overview:
"Love After Lockup" season 5 on WE tv takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, diving deep into the lives of couples who found love in the most unexpected place: behind bars. This season showcases the raw and real challenges these pairs face as they navigate their new relationships outside prison walls. From dealing with societal judgment to tackling personal demons and legal obstacles, each episode is packed with drama, love, and sometimes heartbreak. As these couples strive for a happy ending, audiences can't help but root for them against all odds. Remember, season 5 ended on June 07, 2024 - sign up for a reminder to catch all the action and see if true love really can conquer all. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2018 - 2024
Reality, Romance
United States
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