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Match Me Abroad

Season 1:
Ended on August 06, 2023
Season 1 Air Dates
E1 May 14, 2023 Matchmaker, Matchmaker
E2 May 21, 2023 Make Me a Match
E3 May 28, 2023 Find Me a Find
E4 Jun 04, 2023 Catch Me a Catch
E5 Jun 11, 2023 Look Through Your Book
E6 Jun 18, 2023 Bring Me a Ring
E7 Jun 25, 2023 Did You Think You'd Get a Prince?
E8 Jul 02, 2023 Please Take Your Time
E9 Jul 09, 2023 Why Shouldn't I Want the Best?
E10 Jul 16, 2023 Have I Made a Match for You!
E11 Jul 23, 2023 Playing With Matches
E12 Jul 30, 2023 It's Just That I'm Terrified
E13 Aug 06, 2023 I Promise You'll Be Happy
Season Summaries:
  1 Seasons
13 Episodes
2023 - 2023
Season 1
13 Episodes
May 14, 2023 - Aug 06, 2023
Series Overview:
Match Me Abroad is an exciting reality TV show that captivates viewers with its thrilling journey of love and adventure. Season 1, which aired on TLC, takes us on a whirlwind ride as singles embark on a quest to find their soulmate in exotic locations. From the breathtaking landscapes of Greece to the vibrant streets of Thailand, contestants face challenges that test their compatibility and connection. As they navigate through cultural differences and personal obstacles, sparks fly and hearts are put to the test. Season 1 of Match Me Abroad concluded on August 06, 2023, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next season. Don't miss out on the excitement - sign up for a reminder and be ready for the love-filled adventure to continue!
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