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Season 12:
Ended on December 28, 2023
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Season: 12
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Aug 24, 2023 Unbreakable
E2 Aug 31, 2023 First Kill
E3 Sep 07, 2023 Gunpowder and Lead
E4 Sep 14, 2023 Breaking Wild
E5 Sep 21, 2023 Lion Alley
E6 Oct 05, 2023 Ice Cold
E7 Oct 12, 2023 Mountain Marathon
E8 Oct 19, 2023 Backcountry Battle
E9 Oct 26, 2023 Untethered
E10 Nov 02, 2023 King of the Mountain
E11 Nov 09, 2023 Alaska: Land of Promise
E12 Nov 16, 2023 Alaska: Flying High
E13 Nov 30, 2023 Alaska: Grizzly Standoff
E14 Nov 30, 2023 Alaska: In the Crosshairs
E15 Dec 07, 2023 Alaska: Cold Pursuit
E16 Dec 14, 2023 Alaska: The Fire Within
E17 Dec 21, 2023 Alaska: Snowbound
E18 Dec 28, 2023 Alaska: Born to Run
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Series Overview:
Mountain Men is an enthralling reality TV show that takes viewers on an exciting journey into the lives of rugged individuals who choose to live off the grid in the wilderness. In its twelfth season, this captivating series on History channel continues to showcase the challenges and triumphs faced by these modern-day frontiersmen. From battling harsh weather conditions to hunting for food and protecting their homesteads, the cast of Mountain Men demonstrates incredible resilience and survival skills. Season 12, which concluded on December 28, 2023, offered viewers an adrenaline-filled experience as they witnessed the cast navigate the untamed wilderness. To ensure you don't miss any future seasons, sign up for a reminder and stay connected to this thrilling exploration of the human spirit. Generated by ChatGPT4.
2012 - 2023
Reality, Western
United States
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