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Season 1:
Ended on January 20, 2024
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Season: 1
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E1 Nov 24, 2023 안개 속을 살다
E2 Nov 25, 2023 누구나 마음속에 악마가 산다
E3 Dec 01, 2023 악마의 손을 잡다
E4 Dec 02, 2023 달콤하고도 위험한
E5 Dec 08, 2023 당신만이
E6 Dec 09, 2023 수레바퀴 속으로
E7 Dec 15, 2023 얼룩진 관계
E8 Dec 16, 2023 운명이라는 선택
E9 Dec 22, 2023 진실의 민낯
E10 Dec 23, 2023 알을 깨다
E11 Jan 05, 2024 11회
E12 Jan 06, 2024 12회
E13 Jan 12, 2024 13회
E14 Jan 13, 2024 14회
E15 Jan 19, 2024 15회
E16 Jan 20, 2024 16회
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Series Overview:
My Demon on SBS is a thrilling TV show that captivates viewers with its supernatural storyline. Set in a small town, the series follows a group of teenagers who discover they possess unique abilities to communicate with demons. As they navigate their newfound powers, they must unravel the mysteries surrounding their own pasts and the dark forces that threaten their community. With intense suspense, unexpected twists, and gripping character development, My Demon keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Although the show has ended, fans can sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, ensuring they won't miss any potential future episodes. Generated by ChatGPT4.
2023 - 2024
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Action, Romance
South Korea
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