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Season 1:
Ended on July 29, 2022
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Season: 1
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Jul 29, 2022 Growing Pains
E2 Jul 29, 2022 Weird Al is Dead
E3 Jul 29, 2022 Blue Tongues Don't Lie
E4 Jul 29, 2022 It Was Never About the Corn
E5 Jul 29, 2022 A New Period
E6 Jul 29, 2022 Matinee
E7 Jul 29, 2022 Some Kind of Burping Trash Hole
E8 Jul 29, 2022 It B Over
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Series Overview:
Paper Girls is an enthralling sci-fi television series available on Amazon Prime Video. Set in the 1980s, the show follows a group of courageous teenage girls who work as paper delivery girls in a suburban town. Their lives take a thrilling turn when they stumble upon a mysterious artifact that transports them into a time-traveling adventure. As they navigate through different eras and encounter strange creatures, the girls must rely on their wit, friendship, and resourcefulness to unravel the secrets of the enigmatic device. Although the show has ended, fans can sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, ensuring they don't miss out on this captivating and nostalgic journey. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2022 - 2022
Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
United States
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