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Season 2:
Ended on May 05, 2023
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Season: 2
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 May 05, 2023 Ketchup or No Ketchup - Puerto Rico
E2 May 05, 2023 From Kabul with Love - Washington, DC
E3 May 05, 2023 Padma and the Beanstalk - Appalachia
E4 May 05, 2023 The Borscht Identity - New York City, NY
E5 May 05, 2023 Fufu for the Win - Houston, TX
E6 May 05, 2023 Ube in the Bay - Daly City, CA
E7 May 05, 2023 Greeks on the Gulf - Tarpon Springs, FL
E8 May 05, 2023 On the Tip of My Kreung - Lowell, MA
E9 May 05, 2023 Halal from Dearborn - Dearborn, MI
E10 May 05, 2023 Ciao New York - New York City, NY
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Series Overview:
Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi is a captivating television show available on Hulu that explores the diverse and mouthwatering culinary traditions found across America. In its second season, which concluded on May 05, 2023, the series continues to follow Padma Lakshmi, a renowned chef and food writer, as she embarks on a delightful journey to uncover the rich tapestry of flavors and cultural influences that shape American cuisine. From bustling cities to remote towns, Padma delves into the stories behind beloved dishes and introduces viewers to the talented individuals who prepare them. To ensure you don't miss out on the next season, be sure to sign up for a reminder! Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2020 - 2023
Reality, Food, Adventure
United States
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