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Season: 3
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E1 Apr 05, 2024 悪魔と策謀
E2 Apr 12, 2024 聖人の思惑
E3 Apr 19, 2024 平和な日々
E4 Apr 26, 2024 それぞれの役割
E5 May 03, 2024 両翼会議
E6 May 10, 2024 迫り来る者達
E7 May 17, 2024 聖魔激突
E8 May 24, 2024 ボタンのかけ違い
E9 May 31, 2024 七曜暗躍
E10 Jun 07, 2024 神と魔王
E11 Jun 14, 2024 和解と協定
E12 Jun 21, 2024 開催準備
E13 Jun 28, 2024 各国と招待状
E14 Jul 05, 2024 迷宮と暴風竜
E15 Jul 19, 2024 謁見式
E16 Jul 26, 2024 TBA
E17 Aug 02, 2024 TBA
E18 Aug 09, 2024 TBA
E19 Aug 16, 2024 TBA
E20 Aug 23, 2024 TBA
E21 Aug 30, 2024 TBA
E22 Sep 06, 2024 TBA
E23 Sep 13, 2024 TBA
E24 Sep 20, 2024 TBA
E25 Sep 27, 2024 TBA
E26 Oct 04, 2024 TBA
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Series Overview:
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime season 3 continues the thrilling adventures of Rimuru Tempest, a man reborn in a magical world as a slime with extraordinary powers. In this season, airing on Tokyo MX, Rimuru faces new challenges and enemies while striving to create a peaceful society for all races. With his unique abilities and loyal friends, he navigates through political intrigue and epic battles. The animation is vibrant, and the storyline is filled with heartwarming moments and action-packed scenes that keep viewers hooked. Season 3 is currently running—sign up for a reminder so you don't miss any episodes of this captivating fantasy series! Generated by ChatGPT4.
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