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Season 39:
Ended on March 06, 2024
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Season: 39
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Oct 25, 2023 Teamwork Makes the Perfect Work
E2 Nov 01, 2023 Two Lungs, One Heart, Can't Lose
E3 Nov 08, 2023 It's a Matter of Semantics
E4 Nov 08, 2023 I'm Coming Out
E5 Nov 15, 2023 Countdown to Chaos
E6 Nov 22, 2023 The Big Mistake
E7 Nov 29, 2023 So Flip Floppy
E8 Dec 06, 2023 Struggling To Hold It Together
E9 Dec 13, 2023 A Banana Split
E10 Dec 20, 2023 Feeling Used
E11 Dec 27, 2023 My Own Worst Frenemy
E12 Jan 03, 2024 A Legend Returns
E13 Jan 10, 2024 El Saboteur
E14 Jan 17, 2024 Don't Let TJ Decide
E15 Jan 24, 2024 Welcome to Conquest
E16 Jan 31, 2024 Family Knows Best
E17 Feb 07, 2024 Feel the Bern
E18 Feb 14, 2024 The Beginning of the End
E19 Feb 21, 2024 Only One Gets the Crown
E20 Feb 28, 2024 Reunion Part 1
E21 Mar 06, 2024 Reunion Part 2
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Series Overview:
The Challenge season 39 on MTV is a thrilling reality competition show where contestants from previous seasons come together to compete in intense physical and mental challenges. The season follows the competitors as they battle it out in various challenges, forming alliances and facing off in eliminations to stay in the game. With twists and turns at every corner, the contestants must use their skills and strategy to outwit and outlast their opponents. Season 39 ended on March 06, 2024, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Don't miss out on the excitement of the next season - sign up for a reminder now! Generated by ChatGPT4.
1998 - 2024
Reality, Game Show, Adventure
United States
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