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Season 3:
Ended on July 20, 2023
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Season: 3
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 May 03, 2022 Meet the Stunner, the Lightning Bolt & the Queen
E2 May 10, 2022 What Color Is Uranus?
E3 May 17, 2022 You Landed a Husband From Rock, Paper, Scissors?
E4 May 24, 2022 Handsome, Intelligent, Charming...And Humble
E5 May 31, 2022 Dressed to Kill, Here to Love
E6 Jun 07, 2022 When They Go Low, She Goes Highness
E7 Jun 14, 2022 Oprah, Please Forgive Me!
E8 Jun 21, 2022 Gotta Risk It to Get the Brisket
E9 Jul 05, 2022 Bring Back the Needles of Death
E10 Jul 12, 2022 Guess They Don't Teach Math at Harvard
E11 Jan 05, 2023 As RuPaul Says, The Library Is Open
E12 Jan 12, 2023 A Lot of Neon, A Lot of Drinks, A Lot of Bellies
E13 Jan 19, 2023 Most Shocking Rose Ceremony Ever
E14 Feb 02, 2023 I Know a Guy, Who Knows a Guy, Who Plays Bagpipe
E15 Feb 09, 2023 I Came, I Buzzsaw, I Conquered
E16 Feb 16, 2023 Hoping This Is a Slumdog Millionaire Moment
E17 Jun 29, 2023 Moderately Cloudy, High Chance of Whoopings
E18 Jul 06, 2023 I Have Ties Older Than You
E19 Jul 13, 2023 I Love It When People Are Scared of Me
E20 Jul 20, 2023 They Don't Call Me the Medium Roller
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Series Overview:
"The Chase" is an exhilarating quiz show on ABC where contestants face off against a trivia genius known as "the Chaser." It’s a battle of wits, with each episode seeing players answering questions to bank cash. But it's not easy; they must outsmart the Chaser, who tries to stop them from winning big. The tension builds as participants decide whether to play it safe or risk it all for higher rewards. This intense game of knowledge and strategy has ended, but sign up for a reminder just in case it returns. Fans love its mix of high stakes and intellectual challenge! Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2021 - 2023
Reality, Game Show
United States
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