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The Cube (US)

Season 2:
Ended on July 30, 2023
Season 2 Air Dates
E1 May 14, 2023 America, Do You Have What It Takes?
E2 May 21, 2023 The G-Boys Are Coming
E3 May 28, 2023 Use Those Surgical Hands!
E4 Jun 04, 2023 The Thanksgiving Grandma
E5 Jun 11, 2023 Holy Shaq!
E6 Jun 18, 2023 Don't Make Me Unplug You!
E7 Jun 25, 2023 Everyday's a School Day
E8 Jul 02, 2023 All or Nothing!
E9 Jul 09, 2023 A Little Hater Up In Here I See
E10 Jul 16, 2023 Get Out of the Jam, Cuz You're Toast
E11 Jul 23, 2023 I Love You But…
E12 Jul 30, 2023 I Own You Cube
Season Summaries:
  2 Seasons
23 Episodes
2021 - 2023
Season 2
12 Episodes
May 14, 2023 - Jul 30, 2023
Season 1
11 Episodes
Jun 10, 2021 - Sep 02, 2021
Series Overview:
The Cube is an exhilarating television game show that captivates viewers with its intense challenges and high-stakes competition. Season 2 of The Cube (US) on TBS took the excitement to new heights, offering contestants a chance to win a life-changing prize. Each episode featured individuals facing a series of mind-bending tasks inside a giant cube, testing their mental and physical abilities. With a ticking clock and enormous pressure, contestants had to think quickly and strategize effectively to overcome the Cube's perplexing obstacles. Season 2 ended on July 30, 2023, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next thrilling installment. Don't miss out on the action! Sign up for a reminder to catch the upcoming season.
Reality, Game Show
United States
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