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Season 2:
Ended on January 13, 2024
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Season: 2
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Apr 01, 2023 The New (Para)Normal
E2 Apr 08, 2023 Book Marks the Sprite
E3 Apr 08, 2023 Double, Double, Darryl & Trouble
E4 Apr 15, 2023 Faint of Art
E5 Apr 15, 2023 A Soda to Remember
E6 Apr 22, 2023 A Period Piece
E7 Apr 22, 2023 It's Always Sunny in Sunnyland
E8 Apr 29, 2023 I Wanna Dance with Some-Ollie
E9 Apr 29, 2023 Davenport's on Demand
E10 May 06, 2023 A Doll to Die For
E11 May 06, 2023 The After Life of The Party
E12 May 13, 2023 Frightmare on Main Street
E13 May 20, 2023 The Unhaunting of Brighton Video
E14 May 20, 2023 100% Molly McGee
E15 Jul 08, 2023 All Shark, No Bite
E16 Jul 08, 2023 Nin-Dependence
E17 Jul 15, 2023 Like Father, Like Libby
E18 Jul 15, 2023 Dance Dad Revolution
E19 Jul 22, 2023 Jinx!
E20 Jul 22, 2023 Let's Play Turnipball!
E21 Jul 29, 2023 The Ghost is Molly McGee
E22 Jul 29, 2023 All in the Mind
E23 Aug 05, 2023 Carbon Zero Heroes
E24 Aug 05, 2023 Davenport's in Demise
E25 Aug 12, 2023 Web of Lies
E26 Aug 12, 2023 Kenny's Falling Star
E27 Oct 28, 2023 Welcome to Necrocomic-Con
E28 Oct 28, 2023 Fit to Print
E29 Nov 04, 2023 Smile Valley Farm
E30 Nov 04, 2023 The Grand Gesture
E31 Nov 11, 2023 The Many Lives of Scratch
E32 Nov 11, 2023 Alaka-Sham!
E33 Nov 18, 2023 F.O.N.A.A.!
E34 Nov 18, 2023 Game On
E35 Dec 01, 2023 White Christmess
E36 Dec 01, 2023 Perfect Day
E37 Jan 13, 2024 Jinx vs. The Human World
E38 Jan 13, 2024 The End
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Series Overview:
"The Ghost and Molly McGee" is a captivating television show that airs on Disney Channel. This animated series tells the story of Molly, a cheerful and adventurous girl, who unexpectedly becomes friends with a mischievous ghost named Scratch. Together, they embark on thrilling adventures in the town of Sunnyvale. The show cleverly combines humor, friendship, and supernatural elements to keep viewers entertained. With each episode, Molly and Scratch encounter unique challenges and learn valuable life lessons. Unfortunately, the show has ended, but fans can sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, ensuring they don't miss out on any potential future adventures. Generated by ChatGPT4.
Disney Channel
2021 - 2024
Fantasy, Comedy, Children, Animation, Adventure
United States
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