The Great American Baking Show (2022)

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Season 1:
Ended on May 05, 2023
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Season: 1
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E1 May 05, 2023 Cookie Week
E2 May 05, 2023 Cake Week
E3 May 05, 2023 Bread Week
E4 May 05, 2023 Pastry Week
E5 May 05, 2023 Semi-Finals
E6 May 05, 2023 Finals
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Series Overview:
The Great American Baking Show (2022) season 1, available on The Roku Channel, is a delightful and mouthwatering television show that showcases the skills and creativity of talented bakers from across America. This captivating baking competition brings together amateur bakers who compete against each other in a series of challenges to impress the judges with their delectable creations. From intricate pastries to scrumptious cakes, the contestants push their baking prowess to the limits. With each episode, viewers are treated to a visual feast of delicious treats and an exciting journey of triumphs and setbacks. Season 1 of The Great American Baking Show concluded on May 05, 2023, so be sure to sign up for a reminder to catch the next thrilling season.
The Roku Channel
2023 - 2023
Reality, Game Show, Food
United States
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