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Season 6:
Ended on June 08, 1960
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Season: 6
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Sep 16, 1959 Millionaire Mark Fleming
E2 Sep 23, 1959 Millionaire Harry Brown
E3 Sep 30, 1959 Millionaire Lorraine Daggett
E4 Oct 07, 1959 Millionaire Phillip Burnell
E5 Oct 21, 1959 Millionaire Doctor Joseph Frye
E6 Oct 28, 1959 Millionaire Jim Hayes
E7 Nov 04, 1959 Millionaire Maureen Reynolds
E8 Nov 11, 1959 Millionaire Jeff Mercer
E9 Nov 18, 1959 Millionaire Tom Hampton
E10 Nov 25, 1959 Millionaire Sergeant Matthew Brogan
E11 Dec 02, 1959 Millionaire Mitchell Gunther
E12 Dec 09, 1959 Millionaire Andrew C. Cooley
E13 Dec 16, 1959 Millionaire Nancy Pearson
E14 Dec 23, 1959 Millionaire Jackson Green
E15 Dec 30, 1959 Millionaire Timothy Mackail
E16 Jan 06, 1960 Millionaire Elizabeth Tander
E17 Jan 13, 1960 Millionaire Sylvia Merrick
E18 Jan 20, 1960 Millionaire Whitney Ames
E19 Jan 27, 1960 Millionaire Janie Harris
E20 Feb 03, 1960 Millionaire Margaret Stoneham
E21 Feb 10, 1960 Millionaire Jerry Mitchell
E22 Feb 17, 1960 Millionaire Sandy Newell
E23 Mar 02, 1960 Millionaire Larry Maxwell
E24 Mar 09, 1960 Millionaire Karen Summers
E25 Mar 16, 1960 Millionaire Jessica Marsh
E26 Mar 23, 1960 Millionaire Julie Sherman
E27 Mar 30, 1960 Millionaire Tony Rogers
E28 Apr 06, 1960 Millionaire Susan Johnson
E29 Apr 13, 1960 Millionaire Nancy Cortez
E30 Apr 20, 1960 Millionaire Katherine Boland
E31 Apr 27, 1960 Millionaire Mara Robinson
E32 May 04, 1960 Millionaire Dixon Cooper
E33 May 11, 1960 Millionaire Vance Ludlow
E34 May 25, 1960 Millionaire Peter Longman
E35 Jun 01, 1960 Millionaire Maggie Dalton
E36 Jun 08, 1960 Millionaire Patricia Collins
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Series Overview:
"The Millionaire" was a unique and captivating TV show on CBS that followed the incredible journey of individuals who were suddenly given a million dollars by an anonymous benefactor. Each episode showcased how this life-changing sum of money impacted their lives, for better or worse, weaving tales of joy, struggle, and transformation. The series delved into human emotions and the moral dilemmas faced when bestowed with such fortune unexpectedly. Although "The Millionaire" has ended, its compelling stories left a lasting impression on viewers. If you're hoping it might make a comeback, sign up for a reminder just in case it returns to grace our screens once more with its heartwarming narratives. Generated by ChatGPT4.
1955 - 1960
United States
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