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The Mysterious Benedict Society
Season 2:
Ended on Dec 07, 2022
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Season 2 Air Dates
   Episode: 1
Oct 26, 2022
A Perilous Journey
   Episode: 2
Oct 26, 2022
A Bit of Light Chop
   Episode: 3
Nov 02, 2022
A Gold Bar in Fort Knox
   Episode: 4
Nov 09, 2022
Free of Pointless Command
   Episode: 5
Nov 16, 2022
Blank Expression
   Episode: 6
Nov 23, 2022
A Commitment to All Things Cozy
   Episode: 7
Nov 30, 2022
A Joyful Lens
   Episode: 8
Dec 07, 2022
A Two-Way Street
Season Summaries:
  2 Seasons
16 Episodes
From: Jun 25, 2021
To: Dec 07, 2022
Season 1
8 Episodes
From: Jun 25, 2021
To: Aug 06, 2021
Season 2
8 Episodes
From: Oct 26, 2022
To: Dec 07, 2022
Series Overview:
After winning a scholarship competition, four gifted orphans are recruited by the peculiar Mr. Benedict for a dangerous mission to save the world from a global crisis known as The Emergency. Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance must infiltrate the mysterious L.I.V.E. Institute to discover the truth behind the crisis. When the headmaster, the sophisticated Dr. Curtain appears to be behind this worldwide panic, the kids of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” must devise a plan to defeat him.
Family, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Mystery


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