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Season 3:
Ended on May 15, 2024
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Season: 3
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Apr 24, 2024 Never Too Deadly to Die
E2 Apr 24, 2024 The House of Misfit Dolls
E3 May 01, 2024 Professor Y
E4 May 01, 2024 A Fragrant Scandal
E5 May 08, 2024 How to Murder a Tune
E6 May 08, 2024 It's Just Not Cricket
E7 May 15, 2024 A Beautiful World
E8 May 15, 2024 Toast to the Newly Dead
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Series Overview:
"Sister Boniface Mysteries" Season 3 on BritBox is a captivating blend of humor and intrigue, set in the picturesque English countryside during the 1960s. This season follows our brilliant nun, Sister Boniface, who possesses an extraordinary IQ and a passion for solving crimes with her keen forensic skills. Alongside the local police force, she unravels complex mysteries that baffle others. From mysterious murders to puzzling thefts, Sister Boniface approaches each case with wit and wisdom, proving that no secret is too hidden for her to uncover. Season 3 ended on May 15, 2024—sign up for a reminder not to miss out on this delightful mix of mystery and comedy that keeps viewers eagerly awaiting each twist and turn. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2022 - 2024
Drama, Crime, Mystery
United Kingdom
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