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Season 12:
Ended on September 06, 2023
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Season: 12
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Mar 22, 2023 Like New Money
E2 Mar 29, 2023 Just Payne Trippin
E3 Apr 05, 2023 Les Boss Sauce
E4 Apr 12, 2023 One Legged Funeral Director
E5 Apr 19, 2023 Forget Me Not
E6 Apr 26, 2023 Encouragement
E7 May 03, 2023 Balancing Payne
E8 May 10, 2023 Paynes In The Butt
E9 May 17, 2023 Deena
E10 May 24, 2023 The New Praisers
E11 Aug 16, 2023 Model Behavior
E12 Aug 16, 2023 I Am Handy Woman, Hear Me Roar
E13 Aug 16, 2023 Make It Rain
E14 Aug 23, 2023 Say My Name
E15 Aug 23, 2023 Out In The Open
E16 Aug 23, 2023 Zaddy
E17 Aug 30, 2023 El Capitan
E18 Aug 30, 2023 To Jump Or Not To Jump
E19 Aug 30, 2023 They Call Me Chef Payne
E20 Sep 06, 2023 Run Them Pockets
E21 Sep 06, 2023 Double Trouble
E22 Sep 06, 2023 True Measures
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Series Overview:
Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a popular television series that aired on BET. Season 12, which concluded on May 24, 2023, marks the latest installment of this beloved show. This season continues to follow the lives of the Payne family, led by the lovable patriarch Curtis Payne, as they navigate through various comedic and dramatic situations. Audiences can expect the same witty humor, relatable family dynamics, and heartfelt moments that have made the show a fan-favorite. To ensure you don't miss the next season, be sure to sign up for a reminder and stay tuned for more entertaining episodes of Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Generated by ChatGPT4.
2007 - 2023
Family, Drama, Comedy, Romance
United States
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