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Ended on March 21, 2020
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E1 Jan 31, 2020 저는 더욱더 강해지겠습니다
E2 Feb 01, 2020 복수한답시고 네 인생 망치는 거 바라지 않으신다고!!
E3 Feb 07, 2020 내 계획은 15년짜리니까.. 기대해라
E4 Feb 08, 2020 혹시, 언니가 신고했어요?
E5 Feb 14, 2020 넌 항상 지나치게.. 빛나
E6 Feb 15, 2020 제가 사장님 좋아해요, 그니까.. 언니 망가져야겠다
E7 Feb 21, 2020 싸움은 선빵이 중요해, 그리고 선빵은 뒤통수에!
E8 Feb 22, 2020 당신은 나한테서 어떤 것도 빼앗지 못했어
E9 Feb 28, 2020 난 그게 질투가 난다고, 이 버러지 같은 XX들아.
E10 Feb 29, 2020 저도.. 제 모든 것을 걸고 같은 약속을 합니다
E11 Mar 06, 2020 사장님, 사랑해요.. 사랑한다고
E12 Mar 07, 2020 속에서 천불이 끓어오른다
E13 Mar 13, 2020 두렵구나? 대표님이 나 좋아할까 봐..
E14 Mar 14, 2020 내가 조금은 여자로 느껴지나 보다
E15 Mar 20, 2020 조이서랑 근수, 제가 잡고 있습니다
E16 Mar 21, 2020 저를, 무릎 꿇리셨습니다
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Series Overview:
Itaewon Class, a popular TV show aired on JTBC, has captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and compelling characters. Set in the vibrant district of Itaewon in Seoul, the show follows the journey of Park Sae-ro-yi, a determined young man seeking justice for his father's wrongful death. With a burning desire for revenge, Park opens a small restaurant called DanBam and aspires to conquer the cutthroat business world. Alongside a diverse group of misfits, he faces numerous challenges, battles against powerful adversaries, and navigates complex relationships. Itaewon Class has ended, but fans can sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, ensuring they don't miss out on any potential future seasons.
2020 - 2020
Drama, Romance
South Korea
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