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Season 7:
Ended on June 09, 2024
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Season: 7
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Apr 21, 2024 Demonic Doll Attack in West Virginia and More
E2 Apr 28, 2024 Bigfoot Spotted in the Rocky Mountains and More
E3 May 05, 2024 Wendigo in Kentucky and More
E4 May 12, 2024 Skinwalker in Arizona and More
E5 May 19, 2024 Dogman Stalks Zoo Animals in Amarillo and More
E6 May 26, 2024 Poltergeist Stalks Family in Houston and More
E7 Jun 02, 2024 Mermaid off the Coast of Nantucket and More
E8 Jun 09, 2024 Resurrected Woman in Ecuador and More
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Series Overview:
"Paranormal Caught on Camera" season 7 on Discovery+ takes you on a spine-tingling journey into the unexplained. From eerie ghost sightings to mysterious creatures lurking in the shadows, this series compiles real footage and eyewitness accounts of paranormal phenomena from around the world. Each episode delves into new, hair-raising encounters that challenge our understanding of reality. Experts analyze the evidence, offering insights into what might be lurking beyond our sight. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, these chilling stories are sure to captivate your imagination. Season 7 ended on June 09, 2024 - sign up for a reminder so you don't miss out on unraveling the mysteries of the unknown! Generated by ChatGPT4.
2019 - 2024
Reality, Documentary
United States
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