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Red Rose

BBC Three
Season 1:
Ended on September 06, 2022
Season 1 Air Dates
E1 Aug 15, 2022 It's Grim Up North
E2 Aug 16, 2022 The Garden
E3 Aug 22, 2022 Scapegoat
E4 Aug 23, 2022 Manchester Innit
E5 Aug 29, 2022 Lockdown
E6 Aug 30, 2022 Results Day
E7 Sep 06, 2022 I Heart BLTN
E8 Sep 06, 2022 The Gardener
Season Summaries:
  1 Seasons
8 Episodes
2022 - 2022
Season 1
8 Episodes
Aug 15, 2022 - Sep 06, 2022
Series Overview:
Red Rose, a captivating TV show aired on BBC Three, enthralled viewers with its gripping storyline and compelling characters. Set in the picturesque town of Rosewood, the series delved into the lives of a close-knit community plagued by secrets and mysteries. The plot revolved around the enigmatic disappearance of a young woman, unraveling a web of interconnected relationships, deceit, and betrayal. Red Rose expertly combined elements of drama, suspense, and romance, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats with each episode. Sadly, the show has ended, but fans can sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, eagerly awaiting the possibility of its revival.
Horror, Drama
United Kingdom
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