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Resident Alien

Season 2:
Ended on September 28, 2022
Season 2 Air Dates
E1 Jan 26, 2022 Old Friends
E2 Feb 02, 2022 The Wire
E3 Feb 09, 2022 Girls' Night
E4 Feb 16, 2022 Radio Harry
E5 Feb 23, 2022 Family Day
E6 Mar 02, 2022 An Alien in New York
E7 Mar 09, 2022 Escape from New York
E8 Mar 16, 2022 Alien Dinner Party
E9 Aug 10, 2022 Autopsy
E10 Aug 17, 2022 The Ghost of Bobby Smallwood
E11 Aug 24, 2022 The Weight
E12 Aug 31, 2022 The Alien Within
E13 Sep 07, 2022 Harry, a Parent
E14 Sep 14, 2022 Cat and Mouse
E15 Sep 21, 2022 Best of Enemies
E16 Sep 28, 2022 I Believe in Aliens
Season Summaries:
  2 Seasons
26 Episodes
From: Jan 27, 2021
To: Sep 28, 2022
Season 1
10 Episodes
From: Jan 27, 2021
To: Mar 31, 2021
Season 2
16 Episodes
From: Jan 26, 2022
To: Sep 28, 2022
Series Overview:
Resident Alien season 2, which aired on SYFY, follows the story of an alien who takes on the identity of a small-town doctor. As he tries to blend in with the humans, his mission to destroy Earth is jeopardized by his growing attachment to the town and its people. The show is a mix of comedy, drama, and science fiction, with a talented cast led by Alan Tudyk. Season 2 features new challenges for the alien, including a government agent who is hot on his trail. The season ended on September 28, 2022, so be sure to sign up for a reminder when the show returns for its next season.
Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy, Mystery
United States


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