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Season 4:
Ended on November 24, 1996
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Season: 4
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Jul 08, 1996 With Friends Like These
E2 Jul 08, 1996 Sailing the Seven Zzz's
E3 Jul 09, 1996 Pranksters
E4 Jul 09, 1996 From Here to Maternity
E5 Jul 10, 1996 Ed Good, Rocko Bad
E6 Jul 10, 1996 Teed Off
E7 Jul 11, 1996 Wimp on the Barby
E8 Jul 11, 1996 Yarnbenders
E9 Jul 12, 1996 Mama's Boy
E10 Jul 12, 1996 Feisty Geist
E11 Jul 15, 1996 S.W.A.K.
E12 Jul 15, 1996 Magic Meatball
E13 Jul 16, 1996 Closet Clown
E14 Jul 16, 1996 Seat to Stardom
E15 Jul 17, 1996 The High-Five of Doom
E16 Jul 17, 1996 Fly Burgers
E17 Jul 18, 1996 Heff in a Handbasket
E18 Jul 18, 1996 Wallaby on Wheels
E19 Jul 19, 1996 Dumbells
E20 Jul 19, 1996 Rug Birds
E21 Oct 08, 1996 Hypno-Puppy Luv
E22 Oct 08, 1996 Driving Mrs. Wolfe
E23 Oct 10, 1996 Put to Pasture
E24 Oct 10, 1996 Future Schlock
E25 Nov 24, 1996 Turkey Time
E26 Nov 24, 1996 Floundering Fathers
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Series Overview:
Rocko's Modern Life was a popular animated television show that aired on Nickelodeon. This zany and humorous series revolved around the life of Rocko, an Australian wallaby, as he navigated the challenges of living in a modern society. With his quirky friends Heffer the steer and Filburt the turtle, Rocko found himself in hilarious and absurd situations that often reflected the struggles and absurdities of everyday life. The show's clever writing and offbeat humor made it a hit among viewers of all ages. Although Rocko's Modern Life has ended, fans can still sign up for a reminder just in case it returns to our screens with its unique blend of comedy and wit. Generated by ChatGPT4.
1993 - 1996
Comedy, Children, Animation
United States
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