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The Buccaneers (2023)

Apple TV+
Season 1:
Currently Running
Next Episode:
E8 airs on Wednesday December 13th, 2023
Season 1 Air Dates
E1 Nov 08, 2023 American Poison
E2 Nov 08, 2023 Women or Wives
E3 Nov 08, 2023 The Perfect Duchess
E4 Nov 15, 2023 Homecoming
E5 Nov 22, 2023 Failed Betrayal
E6 Nov 29, 2023 It's Christmas
E7 Dec 06, 2023 First Footing
E8 Dec 13, 2023 Wedding of the Season
Season Summaries:
  1 Seasons
7 Episodes
2023 - 2023
Season 1
8 Episodes
Nov 08, 2023 - Dec 13, 2023
Series Overview:
The Buccaneers (2023) is an enthralling TV show that is currently running its first season on Apple TV+. Set in the early 19th century, the series follows the captivating journey of four young women from wealthy American families who venture out to conquer British high society. These spirited ladies, led by the fearless Anne Vanderbilt, navigate the treacherous waters of London's aristocracy, facing societal expectations, scandalous secrets, and forbidden love affairs. As they strive to find their place in a world dominated by tradition and hierarchy, their determination and resilience are put to the test. Don't miss out on the captivating drama and join the adventure by signing up for a reminder.
Drama, Romance
United Kingdom
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