Series Reminder Dashboard

The Series Reminder Dashboard is designed to be your quick reference for which networks you are using this month, and how many of your favorite shows have new episodes. By adding all your favorite shows to Series Reminder, your dashboard comes to life. It works with all the Series Reminder episode tracking features to help you decide what to watch and which networks to subscribe to.

Episode Tracking

Tracking your watched history can pay huge dividends on your dashboard. This is especially useful if you have multiple shows you're following across different platforms. You can hide all episodes you have already seen making it very easy to scroll through the past few months to find episodes and shows you have not seen.

Streaming Services Used This Month

Having a list of streaming services that your favorite shows are airing on can be incredibly beneficial when choosing which services to subscribe to each month. With streaming prices skyrocketing, only subscribe to the ones you need! This becomes even more valuable when you filter out the episodes and shows you have already seen. Scrolling back through the previous months allows you to quickly identify a network that has plenty of new content. You won't have to pay for multiple subscriptions just to watch one show on each.


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