Release Notes

February, 2024

  • Can now mark episodes, seasons, and series as watched.
  • Added support for TVDB Season 0 Specials.
  • Fixed the huge Series Reminder icon in all emails
  • Added a new button on the Series Detail page that allows you to remove a favorite.
  • Added a cookie to the search pages to remember the search checkboxes.

January, 2024

  • Upgraded from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5
  • Introduced carousel on index page to allow swiping on mobile devices
  • Updated the layout on the series detail page for better placement of important information.
  • Added network icon to series detail page.
  • All network icons can be clicked to show a search page with all shows for that network.
  • Created new search page that allows filtering of series on favorites and coming soon pages.

November, 2023

  • Site now enforces 20 maximum favorites for non-premium users
  • Facebook login.

October, 2023

  • Added personal ICAL calendar feed for premium users.
  • Added links to IMDB and Official website if available

September, 2023

  • Added a premium link to the nav bar.
  • Attempted bug fix for CookieTheftException due to changes in authentication system for Google Login. Please let me know if you see anything strange when authenticating.
  • More work on Premium Subscription page
  • Integrated with Stripe for credit card processing and subscription management.

August 22nd, 2023

  • Remember me now works with Google Login


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