Release Notes

May, 2024

  • Filtering watched episodes from your calendar is now a premium only feature.
  • Added filtering of Season 0 Specials from your calendars and dashboard.

April, 2024

  • Added featured characters to series detail page.
  • Created new characters page to show all characters for each series.
  • Added a notes field to series detail page where you can keep personal notes for each series.
  • Added link to trailer if one is found at TVDB.
  • Added search by name field to advanced search pages.
  • Created new JSON feed that follows the same rules as the RSS feed, except the output is JSON. Please contact me and let me know any creative ways you choose to use it. I can add more fields or make the response more complex.

March, 2024

  • Plex Scrobbling
  • Reorganized menu system to make it easier to find things
  • Import data from other sites
  • Export your data as a backup
  • Added top favorites page
  • Advanced stats page beta
  • Filter your calendars to remove watched epsides
  • Added collections to series page for spin offs and other relates shows.
  • Added posters for individual seasons

February, 2024

  • Can now mark episodes, seasons, and series as watched.
  • Added support for TVDB Season 0 Specials.
  • Fixed the huge Series Reminder icon in all emails
  • Added a new button on the Series Detail page that allows you to remove a favorite.
  • Added a cookie to the search pages to remember the search checkboxes.

January, 2024

  • Upgraded from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5
  • Introduced carousel on index page to allow swiping on mobile devices
  • Updated the layout on the series detail page for better placement of important information.
  • Added network icon to series detail page.
  • All network icons can be clicked to show a search page with all shows for that network.
  • Created new search page that allows filtering of series on favorites and coming soon pages.

November, 2023

  • Site now enforces 20 maximum favorites for non-premium users
  • Facebook login.

October, 2023

  • Added personal ICAL calendar feed for premium users.
  • Added links to IMDB and Official website if available

September, 2023

  • Added a premium link to the nav bar.
  • Attempted bug fix for CookieTheftException due to changes in authentication system for Google Login. Please let me know if you see anything strange when authenticating.
  • More work on Premium Subscription page
  • Integrated with Stripe for credit card processing and subscription management.

August 22nd, 2023

  • Remember me now works with Google Login


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