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Season: 56
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Sep 17, 2023 President Zelenskyy; Into the Streets; Prime Time in Colorado
E2 Sep 24, 2023 CARE Court; Bankrolling the War; Hanging On
E3 Oct 01, 2023 Attorney General; The Rise and Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried
E4 Oct 08, 2023 The Godfather of AI; General Milley; Rich Paul; 3D Printing
E5 Oct 15, 2023 President Biden; Rescue at the Kibbutz; The 50
E6 Oct 22, 2023 The Five Eyes; A Prisoner of Iran; Pink; The Isle of Man
E7 Oct 29, 2023 Vice President Harris; A Quiet Invasion; The Air We Breathe; The State of the Blues
E8 Nov 05, 2023 John Eastman; Our Mistake Is Your Responsibility; Monkey Island
E9 Nov 12, 2023 Iran's Assassin; The Heritage War; Horse Racing Reform
E10 Nov 19, 2023 Disappeared; The Stand; The Underboss; Africatown
E11 Nov 26, 2023 Rise; Sealand; Ancient Vines
E12 Dec 03, 2023 Chaos on Campus; Quantum Computing; Greta Gerwig
E13 Dec 10, 2023 The Resistance; Red and Green; Novak Djokovic
E14 Dec 17, 2023 The Hostage Story; Looting of Cambodia; Gnawa
E15 Dec 24, 2023 60 Minutes Presents: Animal Magnetism
E16 Jan 14, 2024 Commercial Real Estate; Master of the Mind
E17 Jan 28, 2024 Agency in Crisis; Interpol; Modern Ark
E18 Feb 04, 2024 Chairman Powell; A Hole In The System; The Mismatch
E19 Feb 18, 2024 Crisis in the Red Sea; Fake Electors; Finding Cillian Murphy
E20 Feb 25, 2024 142 Days in Gaza; China
E21 Mar 03, 2024 Operation Lone Star; 97 Books; Artemis
E22 Mar 10, 2024 Rise; Jeff Koons
E23 Mar 10, 2024 An Island Off An Island; Caligula's Gardens; Return to Gorongosa
E24 Mar 17, 2024 The Capital of Free Russia; Healing Justice
E25 Mar 24, 2024 The Right to Be Wrong; AMLO; Law of the Sea
E26 Mar 31, 2024 Targeting Americans; Indian Relay
E27 Apr 07, 2024 Dr. Kuznetzov; Your Chatbot Will See You Now; The Ring
E28 Apr 14, 2024 Scattered Spider; Knife; Tasmanian Tiger
E29 Apr 21, 2024 Secretary of Commerce; On British Soil; Kevin Hart
E30 Apr 28, 2024 Children of War; Nvidia; Crisis at Pearl Harbor
E31 May 05, 2024 Leader Jeffries; Work to Own; St. Mary's
E32 May 12, 2024 A Week in Israel; A Web of Intrigue
E33 May 19, 2024 Pope Francis; Cuban Spycraft; The Album
E34 May 26, 2024 Operation Lone Star; Isle of Man
E35 May 26, 2024 The Sperm Whales of Dominica; Monkey Island; Hanging On
E36 Jun 02, 2024 Fake Electors; A Prisoner of Iran; Rich Paul
E37 Jun 02, 2024 An Island off an Island; Caligula's Gardens; Return to Gorongosa
E38 Jun 09, 2024 Iran’s Assassins; Red and Green; Pink
E39 Jun 09, 2024 An American in China; A Quiet Invasion
E40 Jun 16, 2024 Agency in Crisis; The Godfather of AI; The Underboss
E41 Jun 23, 2024 TBA
E42 Jun 30, 2024 TBA
E43 Jul 07, 2024 TBA
E44 Jul 14, 2024 TBA
E45 Jul 21, 2024 TBA
E46 Jul 28, 2024 TBA
E47 Aug 04, 2024 TBA
E48 Aug 11, 2024 TBA
E49 Aug 18, 2024 TBA
E50 Aug 25, 2024 TBA
E51 Sep 01, 2024 TBA
E52 Sep 08, 2024 TBA
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Season 56 of the highly acclaimed television show, 60 Minutes, is currently airing on CBS. Known for its in-depth investigative journalism and thought-provoking stories, this long-running series continues to captivate audiences of all ages. Each episode delves into a wide range of topics, from political controversies and social issues to profiles of influential figures and groundbreaking scientific discoveries. With its talented team of correspondents, including Anderson Cooper, Lesley Stahl, and Bill Whitaker, 60 Minutes offers viewers a unique and informative perspective on the world. To ensure you don't miss any of the upcoming episodes, be sure to sign up for a reminder and stay tuned for this season's remarkable stories. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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