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Season 20:
Ended on December 18, 2023
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Season: 20
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Mar 27, 2023 Fellow Traveler
E2 Apr 03, 2023 The Professor and the Coach
E3 Apr 10, 2023 Viced Principal
E4 Apr 17, 2023 The Pleasanting at Smith House
E5 May 01, 2023 Stretched Thin
E6 May 08, 2023 Better on Paper
E7 May 15, 2023 Cow I Met Your Moo-ther
E8 May 22, 2023 Stan Fixes a Shingle
E9 May 29, 2023 Saving Face
E10 Sep 04, 2023 Frantastic Voyage
E11 Sep 11, 2023 A Little Mystery
E12 Sep 18, 2023 Don't You Be My Neighbor
E13 Sep 25, 2023 Productive Panic
E14 Oct 02, 2023 Multiverse of American Dadness
E15 Oct 30, 2023 Z.O.I.N.C.S.
E16 Nov 06, 2023 A New Era for the Smith House
E17 Nov 13, 2023 Between a Ring and a Hardass
E18 Nov 20, 2023 Footprints
E19 Nov 27, 2023 Steve, Snot, and the Quest for the Og 4LOCO
E20 Dec 04, 2023 The Pink Sphinx Holds Her Hearts on the Turn
E21 Dec 11, 2023 A Little Extra Scratch
E22 Dec 18, 2023 Into the Jingleverse
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Series Overview:
American Dad! is an animated sitcom that follows the eccentric Smith family, residing in fictional Langley Falls, Virginia. Season 20 of the show, which aired on TBS, continued to deliver its signature blend of humor, satire, and outrageous storylines. The season featured the hilarious misadventures of the Smiths, including the clumsy CIA agent Stan, his quirky wife Francine, their liberal daughter Hayley, nerdy son Steve, and the talking goldfish named Klaus. Season 20 explored various themes, from political satire to family dynamics, while keeping viewers entertained with its witty writing and colorful animation. Season 20 wrapped up on December 18, 2023, so be sure to sign up for a reminder to catch the next exciting installment! Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2005 - 2023
Comedy, Animation
United States
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