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Anne with an E

Season 3:
Ended on November 24, 2019
Season 3 Air Dates
E1 Sep 22, 2019 A Secret Which I Desired to Divine
E2 Sep 29, 2019 There is Something at Work in My Soul Which I Do Not Understand
E3 Oct 06, 2019 What Can Stop the Determined Heart
E4 Oct 13, 2019 A Hope of Meeting You in Another World
E5 Oct 20, 2019 I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful
E6 Oct 27, 2019 The Summit of My Desires
E7 Nov 03, 2019 A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good
E8 Nov 10, 2019 Great and Sudden Change
E9 Nov 17, 2019 A Dense and Frightful Darkness
E10 Nov 24, 2019 The Better Feelings of My Heart
Season Summaries:
  3 Seasons
27 Episodes
2017 - 2019
Season 3
10 Episodes
Sep 22, 2019 - Nov 24, 2019
Season 2
10 Episodes
Sep 23, 2018 - Nov 25, 2018
Season 1
7 Episodes
Mar 19, 2017 - Apr 30, 2017
Series Overview:
Anne with an E is a captivating TV show aired on CBC that has gained immense popularity among viewers. Set in the late 19th century, the show follows the life of Anne Shirley, a spirited and imaginative young girl who is adopted by a kind-hearted brother and sister. Through her adventures in the fictional town of Avonlea, Anne navigates various challenges, learns valuable life lessons, and touches the hearts of those around her. With its stunning cinematography, compelling storytelling, and exceptional performances, Anne with an E has left a lasting impact on its audience. Sadly, the series has ended, but sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, as fans eagerly await its potential revival.
Family, Drama
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